Shiro Kawai


  1. Experience of designing and developing software related to CGI industry, including:
  2. Good knowledge on compiler systems and unix systems: experience of implementing parallel C compiler, Lisp/Scheme compiler/interpreter, database server/client systems, a special purpose NFS server, etc.
  3. Experience of managing a small group (2-4 programmers) to develop custom ordered software products and research projects.
  4. Experience of designing and developing hardware and firmware to support computer-human interaction, including assembly programming.
  5. Fluent programming languages: C, C++, Common Lisp, Scheme, Perl, Java.



October 2002 --
CTO, Scheme Arts L.L.C. (Honolulu)

April 2002 --
Individual Consultant, Software Engineering. (Honolulu)

As of October 2002, working on an "unexplored software creation project" funded by Informaton-technology Promotion Agency, Japan.

March 1996 -- March 2002
Senior Software Engineer, Square USA Inc. (Los Angeles, Honolulu)

As a member of Research & Development Department, I worked on the following projects.

June 1995 -- March 1996
Part-time Software Engineer, Fuji-Television CG Center (Tokyo).

Wrote an animation engine on SGI Onyx that drove a real-time rendering engine that was used for live TV broadcasting. Also designed and implemented an animation scripting language for it.

October 1990 -- March 1996
Part-time Consultant and Programmer, Nippon Techno Lab., Inc (Tokyo)

Developed applications and system software on various Unix platforms, including:

June 1994 -- August 1995
Part-time Consultant and Systems Engineer

Leading a team of 4 programmers, designed and developed a database system on Windows 3.1 PC for small non-profit oranization which provides care services to elderly and disabled.

April 1993 -- March 1994
Teaching assistant

Supported undergraduate students to study programming courses, and evaluated their reports.


Doctor of Engineering, March 1996.
Department of Electric Engineering, The University of Tokyo (Tokyo).

Thesis: A study on the user interface system with dynamic selectable modality.

Master of Electric Engineering, March 1993.
Department of Electric Engineering, The University of Tokyo (Tokyo).

Thesis: A compiler system for heterogeneous distributed shared memory.

Bachelor of Electric Engineering, March 1991.
Department of Electric Engineering, The University of Tokyo (Tokyo).


April 1998
Program Committee of Assets 98, ACM SIGCAPH Conference on Assistive Technologies
Participated in the program committee of Assets 98, the third international conference on Assistive Technologies.
April 1993 -- September 1995
A research project funded by Japanese Ministry of Education

Participated in a group of 20 researchers/students. Responsible for implementing a translator from parallel C language to the C language on SIMD parallel computer (AP-1000).



Jan. 2000 -- Now

Running an open-source project to build a production-ready Scheme script engine.

Oct. 1987 -- May 1991
Actor and Stage Manager

Actor and Stage Manager in Japan.

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