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Peace, light, happiness and blessings to you all in the Name of YAOH┌SHUA the true and original Messiah!

Herein are some explanations and clarifications that will help you find out and surprisingly discover who our real CREATOR is, what His true Name is, and how to get under His omnipotent protection.

You will also get acquainted with the true, honest MESSIAH. This approach will be by the process of elimination until you know and believe the true Name of our Creator, and the Person behind that Name and Who the authentic Messiah is, and what is His genuine Name.

Q. Why is the Creator's real Name not 'Yahweh' as many religious people have been led to believe?

A. To call the Creator 'Yahweh' will not be in harmony with other scriptural evidences, especially taking into account that the Jewish people are called 'YAOH┌-dim' - being the people who are called by His Name. Meaning that this group of chosen people, as a whole, bears the magnificent Name of the Creator, as revealed in the Holy Scriptures.

If the Maker's Name were 'Yahweh' - as many erroneously presume It to be, then the people who are called by His Name will have to be referred to as 'Yahwehdim' - which is untrue and cacophonous, aside from being contrary to facts currently observable. In the racial name of this chosen people, in their own native language, the true Creator's Name is easily discernible, when religious traditions and misconceptions are deleted from one's mind, in order to accurately pinpoint the true Name of our Creator, thus knowing Who the authentic Person is behind that genuine Name.

Q. Why not 'Jehovah'?

A. If it were so, then the Messiah, Who came in His Father's Name, as the Holy Scriptures say, will have to be called 'JEHOSHUA.' But there is no letter 'J' in the Hebrew language! This cannot be the original Name of the Messiah! Besides, if it were 'Jehovah,' then the prophets' names in the Holy Scriptures should have been translated as follows:

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by its translators, assuming their methods were reliable.

Not only are they cacophonous (unpleasant to hear) for the Jewish people to listen to, but also, they are impossible words in the Hebrew language, again, because there is no letter 'J' in this heavenly language!

Hebrew is the language given by our Maker to man in the Garden of Eden, the natural language of man! Original, archaic Hebrew is the purest language and the first spoken by man! Remember, archaic and not the modern, current Hebrew language.

So here you are confronted with another clear evidence that 'Y┴OHU' is the true, real, and genuine Name of our Creator! 'Y┴OHU' (pronounced: 'yao-hoo' - accented on the first syllable, the vowel on the first syllable sounding like that in the English word 'how').

The word 'jehovah' was concocted or invented long ago by transposing the vowels of the word 'adonai' into the 'YHWH' - the tetragramma. In ancient Phoenician-Babylonian cultic communities, the idol 'Adonis' was most popular among the pagan masses, and it was from the name of this idol that the word 'Adonai' was taken from. The vowels of the word 'Adonai' were transposed into the tetragramma (YHWH) and the resultant word was 'jehovah.' Even the word 'Adonai' was not in the original Hebrew Holy Scriptures (Tanakh). This was also an adulteration, an addition.

A clear example of the method that was used in adulterating the tetragramma is this: say you have the word 'germany' and among the consonants of this word, you transpose the vowel sounds of another word, say 'uruguay' and you will have the new word: 'gurmunuay'! Silly isn't it? The same way, that's how silly the concocted word 'jehovah' is!

The real meaning of the word 'yehovah' is destruction, desolation, perdition (remember there is no letter 'j' in Hebrew, both archaic and modern). A simple research into the meanings and etymologies of these words will clearly reveal this.

The word 'jehovah' is nothing but a fiction of man's devices and sleight, and truly not the original name of our unique Creator, Y┴OHU UL. The reason for the adulteration? Presumably so that the heathen may not blaspheme the original Name of the Most High, Y┴OHU UL.

Remember what the prophet Jeremiah said in the Tanakh or Hebrew Holy Scriptures?

'How can you say that you are wise, even if you have the Tanakh, when the lying pens of the scribes have altered them?' - Jeremiah 8:8, putting it in a clearer sense.

Other possible pronunciations of the tetragramma will no longer be discussed because they are obviously wrong and utterly baseless!

'Tetragramma' means the four-letter sacred Name of our Creator as written in the original Hebrew Scriptures, in archaic Hebrew.

Q. Why is it wrong to refer to the true Messiah as 'Yahshua' or 'Yeshua'?

A. In archaic Hebrew, the words 'az' and 'eyz' refer to 'a goat.' So when you say 'yahshua' or 'yeshua', it literally means: 'the goat will save' in archaic Hebrew, that is. You can easily check this out by looking up the root words used in the Hebrew Scriptures for the word 'goat.' Specifically, look at concordance item number 5796 in the Hebrew-Chaldee Dictionary or any reliable Concordance.

You'll also find out in subsequent sections of this guideline that spellings do not matter. The vital thing is what we speak out, as interpreted through the Hebrew Scriptures, and to which unseen spirits do these sounds refer to, regardless of spelling. Since the name for a goat in archaic Hebrew is 'az' and 'eyz,' one will still be referring to it, whether these archaic words are spelled as 'ahz' or 'ehyz' or 'aaazz' or 'ace,' specially when praying to unseen spirits.

Note that the words 'deus,' 'theos,' 'josh' and 'zeus' all refer to the same unseen spirit-being, in the supernatural realm, that is regardless of spelling, since the sounds produced call on the same idol spirit-being.

Remember, when two different words are spoken with hardly any difference in the position of the tongue against the palate and the lips, the words are the same, as far as calling out to unseen spirit beings is concerned. For example, if you call out to the unseen enemy, satan, he will reply whether you use the spelling zeytan, or zheytan or z-taan. So when you call out to 'yahshua' or 'yeshua,' the goat indeed will be too glad to be referred to as your redeemer. It is the fulfillment of his mission, to deceive and make the unwary take him as the redeemer. The impostor, and frankly fake.

It is therefore erroneous to refer to the genuine Messiah as 'yahshua' or 'yeshua.' The correct and accurate Name of the Messiah is: YAOH┌SHUA (pronounced: 'yao-hoo-shua' - accented on the second syllable, with the vowel of the first syllable sounding like the vowel in the English word 'how'). The Name 'YAOH┌SHUA' clearly means, without doubt, Y┴OHU'S POWER TO SAVE! This accurate, original Name indeed bears the real Name of the Creator, the Father. It is the true Name of the authentic Messiah - YAOH┌SHUA!

Q. Why not call the Creator plainly as 'god'?

A. The origin of this word is the root word: 'KHUDA' - which was an ancient (skull) idol of the Persians and Babylonians. This can also be easily checked out by checking out the name of the cultic idol 'Baal Gad' mentioned in the Holy Scriptures several times.

Another word given as a clue in the Holy Writ is the retained word 'gol-GOT-tha' - which means 'place of the skull.' The word 'got' refers to the skeletal remains of the human head, commonly used by mediums and witches! So when anyone prays to 'god' - you now know whom he is really, actually praying to.

By tradition, men have adopted a proper name of an idol to be used as a generic or common name for supernatural beings; like using a famous name brand, and making it the common name for other similar products.

Examples: Calling chewing gum 'CHICLET' or calling cameras as 'KODAKS' or toothpastes as 'COLGATE' and so on . This method surely is tricky licentious adaptation, which is very dangerous because it leads to idolatry, whether one realizes it or not!

So we must bless, praise, extol and worship His One and only Holy Name: 'Y┴O-HOO' - and not `KHUDA.' Not what you presumptuously think but what you say with your lips. By our mouths, our confessions are made unto salvation!

You get in contact and really communicate with whom you call upon. You may believe that you are in contact with your friend but if you dial the wrong phone number, watch out!

Likewise in our prayers! It is seriously forbidden in the Holy Scriptures to even mention the names of idols in one's lips:

'Be sure to obey all of these instructions; and remember - never mention the name of any idol!' - Exodus 23:13 Holy Scriptures.

It is not a shame to be mistaken; what is a shame is to remain in darkness once the true Light has been seen. Remember, light rejected will lead to utter darkening of the mind! So begin calling your Maker as 'Y┴OHU' and never use idolatrous, pagan names any longer.

'Y┴OHU' - the Holy One of Israel, is your real Creator and Source of Life!

What's in a name?

A name represents all the qualities and total personality of the person behind it! Don't be contented with cheap substitutes, aliases and nicknames; refer and call to Him by His one and only true Name: Y┴OHU UL!

'If there is a prophet among you, or one who claims to foretell the future by dreams, and if his predictions come true but He says, 'Come, let us worship the idols of the other nations,' do not listen to him. Because Y┴OHU UL is testing you to find out whether or not you really love Him with all your heart and soul. You must never worship any idol but Y┴OHU UL; obey only His commands and cling to Him!' - Deuteronomy 13:1-4, Holy Scriptures.

Note: 'UL' (pronounced 'ool') means the 'All-Powerful Eternal Creator.'

Q. Why not 'Ha-Shem' or 'Adonai?'

A. Again, the root words of these are idolatrous, to wit: 'Shem' - from the root word 'Shemiramis' the Babylonian goddess 'Adonai - from the root word 'Adonis' - the ancient Phoenician-Greek idol of male fertility, notorious for phallic worship.

Check for yourselves! You must really know who you worship and call upon with your mouths. What you say is what you get! Remember that Shemiramis is the mother-wife of Tammuz in Babylonian-Assyrian mythology and primitive, pagan cults.

In ancient pagan communities, sun worship was very prevalent. And 'Shem-esh' was the idol which represented the sun. Y┴OHU UL seriously forbids the worship of the sun, the moon and the stars, in Ezekiel 8:16-18, Tanakh or Hebrew Holy Scriptures (Biblia Hebraica). We must worship the Creator, and not His mere creatures nor creation, no matter how alluring they may seem to be. Neither should anyone worship nature itself.

Has it not been prophesied in the Holy Scriptures that, in the last days, people will base their faith on myths and doctrines of demons? Watch out for ha-satan is the 'god' of this world and he is the deceiver of mankind. He has to deceive in order to be worshiped, for how else could he cunningly get people to worship him? Only by deception!

But you are in the Light of the world Molkhi˙l YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y (pronounced: mol-khee-ˇol yao-hˇo-shua hol-meh-hˇosh-khßy) the Messiah, the authentic One! And in Him there is no darkness at all!

Q. Why not call the Messiah 'Jesus'?

A. This word is the Greek translation from the original Hebrew - used by human translators for easier acceptance in the Greek-speaking world during earlier times; also, the Greeks at that time were so fond of their mythological, pagan worship of 'Zeus' and also 'Dionysius'; so the genuine Name of the Messiah was translated into a more familiar and palatable version, 'Iesous,' from which the very popular 'Jesus' was taken.

Another reason was that the original Name of our Savior - 'YAOH┌SHUA' - was quite hard for the Greeks to pronounce, so they thought it better to change it to make it easier to pronounce, not fully realizing then that they were dealing with the Name of the One through Whom all things were made that was made!

Such changes were unauthorized and utterly presumptuous! The prophet Jeremiah said in Jeremiah 8:8 - 'How can you say that you are wise, even if you have the words of Y┴OHU UL, when the pen of the scribes have altered them?'

Let us therefore be truly wise and not mix our pure worship with Greek mythological idolatries!

Salvation is of the Jewish people, not of the Greeks, remember? And this is clearly written in the Holy Scriptures. Let us therefore worship the true Holy One of Israel - 'Y┴OHU' - and make the real Messiah - 'YAOH┌SHUA' - Savior and Ruler of our lives!

There is no other Name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved, except that Name - 'YAOH┌SHUA!' Salvation is found in no one else, I repeat, no one else! See Acts 4:12.

'You shall call His Name 'YAOH┌SHUA' because He will save His people from their sins!' - Matthew 1:21, Holy Scriptures.

Q. Is it correct to use the title 'El Shaddai'?

A. No. It's incorrect. A simple research into the true person of 'El' in Babylonian and Chaldee mythology, will reveal that 'El' was a very popular pagan idol in the early history of these people. He was an idol associated with incest, lust, immorality and treachery. The word 'Shaddai' refers to seducing spirits of the wicked realm. Using this title activates seducing spirits with the immoral characteristics of 'El' - luring many people into slavery to pagan idolatry. Even witches know this and use this specific title in their incantations, faith healing sessions, and satanic worship.

Always check it out! You'll avoid the subtle traps and hidden deceptions of the enemy. Don't just go along with the crowd. Wide is the way that leads to destruction and many go thereat! Even birds first examine anything for possible food, before picking and swallowing, and surely you are wiser than birds. Be truly wise. So check them out before you acknowledge and receive god, gee-zeus, krayzt, jehovah, lord, shemiramis, elohim and so on. It's your eternal soul at risk!

The correct title of the true Creator Y┴OHU UL, based on archaic Hebrew, is 'UL SHUA-OD┴I' - which literally means 'the All-Powerful Eternal Creator Whose Salvation is Sufficient' - that is, Y┴OHU UL, the True One.

Remember that there is a fine line between genuine and bogus money bills. You can't find a fake three-dollar bill. The counterfeit is almost similar to the authentic, discernible only through cursory and thorough verification. Much more so when it comes to unseen, supernatural spirit beings. Be very careful, because it's your whole life here and in the afterlife that's at stake.

What does it profit anyone if he gains the whole world but suffers the loss of his own soul? What does it profit anyone if he wins out every argument and debate but suffers eternal perdition and torment? The way to heaven is not by winning out in arguments and debates. The only way is YAOH┌SHUA.

Q. Is it proper to use the title 'Elohim'?

A. Again, it is improper and wrong. Why? Because the word 'Elohim' is just the plural of the word 'El' - the dangers of which have just been discussed above. The correct and accurate title is 'ULH═M' in archaic Hebrew. This is pronounced: 'ool-heem' - accented on the second syllable.

This mistranslation into 'Elohim' of the original 'ULH═M' was one of the mishaps which was revealed in Jeremiah 8:8, of the Tanakh or Hebrew Scriptures. You can easily check these out in any encyclopedia, Bible concordance, Hebrew-Chaldee dictionary, and other similar reference materials.

Q. Is it correct to refer to the Spirit as 'Ruach ha-Qodesh'?

A. This is a grievous mistake, frankly. One should be very careful when dealing with the Spirit of Y┴OHU UL, because blaspheming the Spirit of Y┴OHU UL is unpardonable, in this world and in the world to come, said Molkhi˙l YAOH┌SHUA in Matthew 12:31-32.

In archaic Hebrew, the word 'ruah' means 'evil, wicked, bad' - (Hebrew-Chaldee Dictionary #7455). By Gesenius or Strong. On the other hand, the word 'akko' literally means 'wild goat' (Hebrew-Chaldee Dictionary #689). So when you speak out the words 'Ruach ha-Qodesh' - in the unseen spirit world, you are actually referring to and invoking one of the titles of the wicked goat, who is satir, or more commonly known as ha-satan (the dragon, the serpent, the deceiver, the impostor).

The correct and right way of calling the Spirit of Y┴OHU UL is: 'R┌KHA hol-HODSH┌A' (pronounced: rˇo-kah hol-hod-sh˙a, accented on  the first syllable 'roo' of the first word, and the second to the last syllable 'shoo' of the last word). Or, alternatively: 'R┌KHA-YAOH┌SHUA' or 'R┌KHA-Y┴OHU.'

Again, you may mean one thing but speak out another entirely different thing. A fine example of this is, supposing you were in a restaurant for a fine dinner. You have decided beforehand that you were going to have 'filet of fish' for that night. However, in your haste and due to some other thoughts in your mind, you mistakenly gave your order to the waiter. Instead of saying out 'filet of fish,' you erroneously said 'filet mignon' - unnoticed, that is. What do you think will the waiter serve on your table, the dish which you had in your mind or the one you actually said and ordered? Surely, what you spoke out is what you'll get.

More so when dealing with unseen spiritual, supernatural beings. It is whom you call on and invoke who will actually, really answer and communicate with you, not what you have in your mind. You may be sincere, but sincerely mistaken. Beware because there is that notorious impostor hiding behind all those mistranslations.

Indeed, 'My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,' said Y┴OHU UL in Hosea 4:6 of the Tanakh, Holy Scriptures. But you are now all knowledgeable in this regard, so destruction abates.

'You shall call His Name 'YAOH┌SHUA' because He will save His people from their sins!' - Matthew 1:21, Holy Scriptures.

All this is given to you in true love and deep humility - 'Ol Sh˙am' (in the Name of) YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y, and we all say, am-nßm!

Let's continue to receive more scriptural wisdom and knowledge in the NEXT segment of this spiritually-awakening guideline now....