Among the following profiles, which nearest portray your true persona?

Persona 1

I always check it out whether statements made are true and accurate before I accept and believe them.

I want to acquire more and more knowledge and information.

I am outright negative to people who tell lies.

I always evaluate the competency of professional people in their own fields before I consult them.

I use logic and mental deduction in weighing out arguments.

I am happy when I am doing some deeper studies on my subjects of interest.

I am inclined to talk much and share what I know about a subject matter which I believe can be highly informative to others.

I am particular about words and phrases and how they are spoken, pronounced and used.

I don't give my outright opinion on any subject matter unless I have done a thorough background research on it.

I learn and study in ways that are methodical and organized.

Persona 2

I can actually see in my mind how the final outcome of any project or job will be.

I can easily get the cooperation of other people in finishing a common task.

I always divide major tasks into smaller, minor segments, finishing one after the other till completion.

I am always willing to assign some of my big tasks to others who are also willing to help me finish the job.

I look at people as valuable human assets around me, with potentials and talents vital to our common goals.

I overlook irritations from others and deal with them in much patience just so the goals can be achieved as planned.

I expect faithfulness, devotion and loyalty from those who are under my protection and responsibility.

I always make sure that I am not involved in minor details which may divert my attention from achieving the main outcome and final planned results.

I can easily spur others to move and act with cheerful diligence in whatever task that needs to be done.

I look forward to and aspire to face up to new and better assignments and projects after successfully completing one.

Persona 3

I immediately know whether anyone's behavior is correct or not.

I am outright negative to those who are really different inside from what they claim they are or seem to be.

I can immediately detect if something or someone is fake or genuine.

I have an inner intuition of what people whom I relate with really are.

I think and believe that those who commit mistakes and errors should immediately be corrected and warned or stopped altogether.

I don't remain going with people who continue in doing evil after they have been told.

I am honest in dealing with others and so I always warn people of the possible hazards, defects and damage which an item I am selling may cause them.

I hate pretenses and so I am always frank about anything and I express my honest opinion about important matters.

I really love and get much joy in having people who are honest, sincere and true to me.

I do not excuse myself when I commit mistakes; in fact, I immediately castigate and blame myself for my stupidity.

I remain obedient and doing what is correct even in the midst of massive opposition, ridicule and persecution from others.

Persona 4

I know outright if I have hurt the feelings of others.

I dislike those who have no sympathy for those who are suffering and in need.

I can tell when someone really and honestly loves me.

What I really want and long for is a long-time commitment from a friend or my espouse.

I have noticed that people who are beset with problems often come to me for advice, support, help or comfort.

I always have a hard time remaining firm on people, much more so when evaluating how to deal or what to do with them.

When someone offends my family, friends or loved ones, I am deeply hurt too.

I wish I have someone to spend time with so I can share my true feelings and experiences in a really detailed manner.

When someone hurts my family, friends or love ones, I really think and believe that they should be stopped and warned.

Most of the time, thoughts come into my mind about the sufferings of people in this world and why they happen.

Persona 5

People should be coached and guided to develop their full potentials and hidden talents, and so I always encourage and help others do better each time.

When I give advice, I tell him exactly what he should do in a very detailed way.

I know how immature or mature a person really is, spiritually speaking.

Tasks and challenges must be given to believers so that they will grow and mature, and bear fruit spiritually.

Those under me often say that I give unreachable goals, when their level of spiritual or physical abilities are taken into account.

I prefer teachings and information which have practical applications and benefits.

When I am giving advice to others, their reactions and expressions mean much to me.

When others need advice or help, I often forego or postpone my family obligations.

I make sure that my message gets to people's heads and take them to heart seriously and so I often use clear, true-to-life examples.

Those who refuse to follow my advice, I do not force them any further and just leave them the way they are.

I seldom really finish and complete what I have begun.

I have deep sympathy for people in whatever life experiences they are in because I easily feel myself as being in the same predicament.

Persona 6

I enjoy procuring and giving what others need and I am also quick to know what those needs are.

Others too must finish their tasks well, therefore I serve them so they can do them better.

When others need my help, I stop doing what I am supposed to do.

Even when I am too tired, I still go on and help others who need my support and services.

I know very well what my family, friends and workmates like to have and what they don't like to have also.

I am always first to act and serve those in need or those who want help or support.

When I am given a task to finish, I do it to completion even if it means spending my own money, just so it can be done as expected.

Even when alone, I enjoy working and doing my daily tasks.

When others praise me for my work, I quickly ignore their compliments, but I expect them to realize the full positive contribution of what I have done, of course.

Those needing my help and support, they are the people to whom I can never say 'no' plain and simple.

It has been my work habit to always add finishing touches to everything I do, for best effects.

Persona 7

Thriftiness means so much to me and so I apply it to myself and my family too.

I give for spiritual and charitable causes often.

Money comes easily to me because I know how to make them grow and multiply.

I don't have to let others know when I give something out, it has not been my practice to give ceremoniously and with public acclamation. But I do give.

When others put pressures on me or manipulates my feelings to give, the more I refuse to give.

I expect others to be generous and magnanimous, after all the gifts that I have given them, that should teach them to be givers like me.

I really wish that when I give to spiritual or charitable causes, that they will really benefit many and more.

What makes me real happy is when I can find out what one really has in need of and yet no one else notices or even thinks about it.

Before I give, I first evaluate will my gift will have any positive or negative effects on the recipient.

When I give, it must be the best that the recipient has ever received.

It encourages me more and makes me glad when someone tells me that what I gave was an answer to his or her prayers.

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