Part 4




When the physical manifest evidences of healing, deliverance, driving out evil spirits or reviving of the dead, based upon your commands of faith, occur immediately, then they are miraculous acts of YÁOHU UL, through the 'RÚKHA hol-HODSHÚA' working in you.

But when the manifest evidences occur gradually or progressively, they are still signs and wonders following the believer. Whichever way YÁOHU UL grants healing, deliverance or revival of the dead, we praise, worship and thank Him for the exercise of His sovereign will and favor in every case, and this sovereign prerogative belongs to YÁOHU UL and Him only. Remember, we are only vessels, agents of His favor, mercy, power and might.

'The next morning as they left Bethany He felt hungry. A little way off, He noticed a fig tree in full leaf, so He went over to see if He could find any figs on it. But no, there were only leaves, for it was too early in the season for fruit.

Then Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA said to the tree, 'You shall never bear fruit again!' And the disciples heard him say it.

The next morning, as the disciples passed the fig tree He had cursed, they saw that it was withered from the roots! Then Káfos remembered what Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA said to the tree on the previous day, and exclaimed, 'Look, Maoro-éh! The fig tree You cursed has already withered!'

In reply Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA said to the disciples, 'If you only have faith in YÁOHU UL - this is the absolute truth - you can say to this Mount of Olives, 'Rise up and fall into the sea!'

And your command will be obeyed. All that's required is that you really believe and doubt not!

Hearken unto Me! You can pray for anything, and if you believe, you have it, it's yours! But when you are praying, first forgive anyone you is holding a grudge against, so your YÁOHU ABí (Father) in heaven will forgive you your sins too.'

- Mark 11:12-14;20-25, Holy Scriptures

Throughout the whole process of exorcism, deliverance, driving out evil spirits or revival of the dead, the believer must always be in the fullness of the 'RÚKHA hol-HODSHÚA' in praising, thanksgiving and glorifying YÁOHU UL Gavóha, the Most High, because YÁOHU UL dwells in the praises of His children.

As you read the Word, you'll find out that the Yaoshorulítes often were victorious over several of their enemies in the past, simply through their praising and glorifying YÁOHU UL, as they confronted their foes.

Even the walls of Jericho fell just because the people were praising and glorifying YÁOHU UL, the Holy One of Yaoshorúl. Oh what power there is in praising, glorifying and thanking YÁOHU UL!

Even Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA, in several cases where He performed miraculous deeds, thanked and glorified YÁOHU UL, the Father, as an example for the believer to follow and do, in his service to YÁOHU UL in His Kingdom.

'Greater works than these shall you do!' said Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA.

Remember, after you have done all, remain confident and in firm faith and belief that what you have commanded and declared have been effectual in the spiritual realm and never say or do anything to suggest contrary results.

You walk by faith and not by physical sight. As far as you are concerned, he was healed, delivered or revived by Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA. And nothing else will move you into believing otherwise.

There are times or cases though which may require two or more approaches in attacking the enemy, and this is at the discretion, direction and control of the 'RÚKHA hol-HODSHÚA' indwelling the believer.

There are cases wherein by just one command, physical manifest evidences of healing, deliverance or revival occur quickly.

There are also times when more spiritual offensives are required, and several repetitions of binding and loosing become finally effectual. This varies on a case to case basis, and principally depends upon the direction, control, guidance and leading of the 'RÚKHA hol-HODSHÚA' indwelling the believer.

The efforts are proportional to the degree of seriousness in each case.

There are cases wherein several, or even a whole Oholyáo (Congregation) of believers is required to unitedly attack the fortresses of ha-satán.

It depends also on how developed is the believer's faith, the degree of oppression, numbers and ranks of the wicked spirits present, as well as on the intensity of the onslaught upon the subject.

When second or subsequent rounds are required, then they will serve as affirmations of the first commands and declarations given initially by the exorcist, healer or reviver. Example is:

'I now affirm and firmly believe that my initial commands and declarations are effectual and that ______________________ (full name of subject) has been healed, through the 'DAM' and 'ol Shúam' YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY, to the glory of YÁOHU UL Gavóha, the Most High, and to YÁOHU UL we now give the praise, the glory, adoration and 'hodayáo' (thanksgiving), 'ol Shúam' YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY!'

In cases of driving out evil spirits, whenever they again try to manifest themselves, after the initial commands and declarations have been given, either by speaking or other manifest behavior, the exorcist must completely ignore them and refuse to be duped by their tactics in trying to persuade the exorcist to back out of the firm commands and declarations he gave previously.

In such cases, the exorcist must reaffirm the fact that they have been ordered out, driven away and therefore are no longer permitted to speak or to manifest forth in whatever manner.

If, for example, after driving them out, the evil spirit again utters remarks or shows weird manifest behavior, the exorcist must quickly declare in all faith:

'You are no longer permitted to speak or to activate in the person of _____________________ (full name of the delivered) because you have been driven out and I only talk to __________________ (full name of the delivered) who is now free, saved, delivered and whole from all control, powers, influences and oppressions of ha-satán and his wicked minions, 'ol Shúam' YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY.'

Then begin conversing with the person of the subject himself and thereafter ignore all utterances or other weird manifest behavior of the wicked spirits, if any, and this you do till all physical evidences of wellness, quietness and full deliverance are positively observed.

In cases of healing the sick, every sign of pain or other symptoms of the disease, after the commands and declarations of healing have been given by the healer, should evoke this response from the believer:

'By the wounds of Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY you have been healed, and you are healed. We praise and glorify YÁOHU UL Ro-éhful (Healer) for your healing and complete wellness now, 'ol Shúam' YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY!'

Again, this is to prevent and disapprove the urgings of the wicked spirits to be readmitted or be further allowed to remain in the subject person.

So all subsequent symptoms of the disease, if any, must immediately be disallowed and subjugated by the affirmation of the healing done by Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA through the believer. Followed by giving of profuse praise, worship, glory, adoration and 'hodayáo' (thanksgiving) to YÁOHU UL, for 'He always watches over His words to perform them,' as it is inscribed.

Warning: The believer who acts as the representative of Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA in healing of the sick must never prohibit the taking of medicines or the removal of life-saving devices that are prescribed by the attending medical officer, if any, or other licensed medical practitioners.

The taking of medications and the dependence on mechanical life-saving devices must be terminated only after the attending medic or any licensed medical practitioner has fully confirmed and certified that the patient has truly and actually been healed, as his cursory physical examinations reveal.

That would be authentic miraculous healing from Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA - verifiable and subject to scrutiny and examination by competent medical practitioners.

In cases of haunted houses, after the preliminary commands and declarations of driving out have been given, all subsequent weird manifest activities of these evil spirits must be ignored and the exorcist must immediately affirm his initial commands and declarations, thereby preventing their overstay, reentry or readmission, in cases where they show visible attempts to do so.

Example of this reaffirmation is: 'I have driven all of you out, I give no place for anyone of you here, and the 'DAM' of Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA and His angels are protecting this whole place against your wicked activities.

By authority and 'ol Shúam' YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY, I have declared that you are all gone and are never permitted to return here, now and evermore, and I being a child of YÁOHU UL Gavóha, these are all effectual in the spiritual realm now and always!

'Ol Shúam' YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY, am-nám!'

All other weird apparitions or manifest signs after this must be completely ignored and it will not be long that you will actually experience absolute inner peace and tranquility, knowing in your heart that they have indeed gone.

Faith without works is dead.

So if you have faith that they had really gone away, you will behave accordingly. Continue doing your chores or cleaning the place, singing and praising, glorifying and giving 'hodayáo' (thanks) to YÁOHU UL for the permanent eviction of all the wicked spirits dwelling in that abode before, but are all gone now.

In your cleaning the place, you might discover some more occult objects that need be burned soonest or other filthy idols or skulls that must quickly be expunged by fire.

'Talk with each other much about Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA, quoting psalms and hymns and singing sacred songs, making music in your hearts to Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA. Always give 'hodayáo' (thanks) for everything to our YÁOHU UL and ABí (Father) in the Shúam (Name) of our Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY.'

- Ephesians 5:19-20

In reviving of the dead, the corpse must have never been embalmed, with the internal organs removed. The more immediate the revival process is begun on the dead, the better the chances of recovery.

As soon as practicable and at the direction of the 'RÚKHA hol-HODSHÚA,' the exorcist/healer/reviver must immediately lead the individual who is the recipient of YÁOHU UL's deliverance, healing or revival, as the case may be, into the experience of the new birth.

This involves repentance, and believing, receiving and making Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY as his one and only individual Life Ruler and Savior henceforth and evermore.

Then immersion in water should be done 'ol Shúam' YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY' - followed immediately by anointing with oil symbolizing the 'RÚKHA hol-HODSHÚA' coming upon the new believer, and immersion in the 'RÚKHA hol-HODSHÚA.'

Together with this act is the freeing of the new believer from all the powers and influences of ha-satán and subsequent binding of the believer to full submission to Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA as his new Life Ruler and Savior. Example is:

'I anoint you now with oil, symbolizing the coming of the 'RÚKHA hol-HODSHÚA' in and upon you, and I now completely free you from all the powers and influences of ha-satán and I hereby bind you now till forever to the full submission to Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY Whom you have now made to be your one and only individual Life Ruler and Savior, 'ol Shúam' YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY, am-nám!'

Again, the new believer must say 'am-nám' together with the one anointing with oil, to express his full agreement and acceptance.

It is important that his agreement and acceptance be expressed vocally. If unable to speak, then the one leading him to Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA can make the declaration, and in the end, secure the individual's agreement and acceptance by other means of expressing affirmation, such as nodding of the head or otherwise, same as in examples earlier given.

Another vital thing is the fact that immediately after the visible manifest evidences of healing, deliverance or revival has been observed, the new believer must be encouraged and advised to quickly feed himself with the milk of the Word of YÁOHU UL.

If unable or incapable to read, the Word must be read to him or he may hearken to audiocassette recordings of the Holy Writ.

Specially helpful at this point to read or hearken to are the books of YÁOHU-khánam, Mark, Luke, Man-YÁOHU and the Tehillím (Psalms), in the Holy Scriptures. This is important. Why? To prevent relapse or recurrence.

'When an evil spirit comes out of a person, it goes through arid places seeking rest but does not find it. Then it says, 'I will return to the house I left.'

When it arrives, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order. Then it goes and takes with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there.

And the final condition of that person is worse compared to that at first. That is how it will be with this wicked generation,' said Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA in Man-YÁOHU 12:43-45.

So now you realize how vital it is that the Word of YÁOHU UL be poured out quickly into the heart and mind of the newly-delivered, healed or revived.

In cases of haunted houses, the Words of YÁOHU UL must continually be read aloud, and songs of praise, worship and adoration to YÁOHU UL be sung or played and hearkened to.

The regular appropriation and affirmation for the protection of the person or the house by the 'DAM' and angels of Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY must be done, to prevent the return of wicked spirits.

Most importantly, the Shúam (Name) of Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA must regularly be spoken and meditated upon. When wicked spirits hear the Shúam of Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA mentioned, to them it seems like the explosion of multi-gigaton bombs on their faces, and they never again dare come near such a person or place.

YAOHÚSHUA - the best weapon against ha-satán and all sorts of wicked spirits in disguise, including extra-terrestials and aliens.

At the mention of this Shúam (Name), YAOHÚSHUA, every knee must bow, in the heavenlies, on earth and under the earth and every tongue confess that YAOHÚSHUA is the Ruler of the universe Who must be obeyed and followed by all, to the glory of YÁOHU UL Gavóha, the Most High, YÁOHU ABí, the Father in heaven! YAOHÚSHUA!

'But now YÁOHU UL Who created you, O Yaoshorúl (Israel), says: Don't be afraid, for I have ransomed you; I have called you by name; you are Mine. When you go through deep waters and great trouble, I will be with you. When you go through rivers of difficulty, you will not drown! When you walk through the fire of oppression, you will not be burned up - the flames will not consume you.'

- Yaoshúa-YÁOHU (Isaiah) 43:1-2

In cases where the individual who is ill is a believer, YÁOHU UL has prescribed a different method of healing than what has been discussed heretofore. The special remedy is found in YÁOHU-caf (James) 5:14-20, which says:

'Is anyone among you (believers) sick? He should call for the Elders of the Oholyáo (Congregation) and they should pray over him and anoint him with oil, calling on Ro-éhful YAOHÚSHUA to heal him.

And their prayer, if offered in faith, will heal him, for Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA will make him well; and if his sickness was caused by some sin, Ro-éhful YAOHÚSHUA will forgive him.

Admit your faults to one another and pray for each other so you may be healed. The earnest prayer of an upright person has great power and amazing results.

Uli-YÁOHU (Elijah) was as completely human as we are, and yet when he prayed earnestly that no rain would fall, none fell for the following three and one half years!

Then he prayed again, this time that it would rain, and down it poured and the grass became green and the gardens began to grow again.

Dear brethren, if anyone has slipped away from YÁOHU UL and no longer trusts Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA and someone helps him comprehend the Truth again, that person who brings him back to Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA will have saved a wandering soul from death, bringing about the forgiveness of his many sins.'

- YÁOHU-caf (James) 5:14-20, Holy Scriptures

As revealed in the above passage, the common causes of illness among believers are:

1) slipping away from YÁOHU UL;
2) no longer trusts Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA; and
3) unrepented sins.

The use of pure olive oil for anointing the sick is highly recommended, to symbolize the anointing of the 'RÚKHA hol-HODSHÚA.'

Again, the anointing of oil and prayer for forgiveness for the sick must all be done 'ol Shúam' YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY.

'Do all in the Shúam of Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA!' as it is inscribed.

Anointing with oil here to symbolize the manifest active work and healing power of the 'RÚKHA hol-HODSHÚA.'

In Hosea 4:6, YÁOHU UL Gavóha, the Most High said, 'My people are ruined for lack of knowledge.'

In order to further ensure victory over the wiles and deceptions of the wicked one, ha-satán, the exorcist must have a basic knowledge of his kingdom and some characteristics of his wicked spirits, to help him in identifying, rebuking and attacking specific evil spirits.

The abode of ha-satán and his wicked evil spirits are now in the second heaven. That's referring to the outer space beyond the first heaven (earth's atmosphere).

YÁOHU UL's royal throne is in the third heaven.

From second heaven comes these aliens and extra-terrestials, who, as we have said, are nothing but evil and wicked spirits seeking to deceive the uninformed with their display of magic, illusions and disguises.

Resist ha-satán and he will flee from you!

The hierarchical setup in ha-satán's kingdom, as revealed in Ephesians 6:12, consists of the following:

1) Principalities
2) Authorities of Power
3) Rulers of the Darkness of this World
4) Spiritual Forces of Wickedness in Heavenly Realms

For each nation on earth, ha-satán has an assigned prince to rule and assure the maintenance and further propagation of evil and all sorts of wickedness, and to resist the progressive plan of YÁOHU UL for all mankind. And most importantly, to delay the return of Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY on earth, as this will surely mean the end of his earthly rule.

Today, the whole world system is still under the control of ha-satán, the 'prince of the power of the air.'

This dominion ha-satán deceitfully took from Adam, to whom it was originally given by YÁOHU UL. When Adam was created, he was made the federal head of the entire human race and all dominion on earth was given to him.

But when he rebelled against YÁOHU UL, through the wiles of ha-satán, the dominion was handed over to the dragon (satír) by Adam, and this brought terrible curse and death throughout all earth.

'Ha-satán led Him up to a high place and showed Him quickly all the kingdoms of the world. And he said to Him, 'I will give You all their authority and splendor, for it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to. So if You worship me, it will all be Yours.'' - Luke 4:5-7.

'You went along with the crowd and were just like all the others, full of sin, obeying ha-satán, the mighty prince of the power of the air, who is at work right now in the hearts of those who are against Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA.' - Ephesians 2:2

The prophet Dayan-Úl (Daniel) 10:12-14 reveals:

'Do not be afraid, Dayan-Úl. Since the first day that you determined in your mind to gain comprehension and to humble yourself before your Creator, your words were heard, and I have come in response to them.

But the prince of the Persian kingdom hindered me twenty-one days. Then Micha-Úl, one of the chief princes, came to help me, because I was detained there with the king of Persia.

Now I have come to explain to you what will happen to your people in the future, for the vision concerns a time yet to come.'

Dayan-Úl 10:20 further reveals, 'So he said, 'Do you know why I have come to you? Soon I will return to fight against the prince of Persia, and when I go, the prince of Greece will come; but first I will tell you what is inscribed in the Book of Truth.

(No one supports me against them except Micha-Úl, your Prince. And in the first year of Darius the Mede, I took my duty to support and protect him).''

In the lower rungs of this hierarchy are all sorts of common evil (familiar) spirits which haunt, terrify, torment, oppress and bind many who do not know the Light of Life, Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY.

The Hebrew Holy Scriptures, the Targums and the Gemarah, and other archaic semitic writings reveal much about the identities and specific onslaughts of these wicked spirits from ha-satán.

As much as possible, ha-satán and his minions do not like that they be identified in their foul, nefarious activities because once identified and targeted, they lose all their advantage against the unwary.

This is the reason why they always hide behind various symbols, objects, music, games, persons, statues, idols and monuments.

Surely any person with common sense will never frontally worship ha-satán, if he truly knows that it is actually ha-satán who is hiding behind those objects.

In order that they may deceive people into worshiping them, these evil spirits use alluring images, statues and models as their fronts in luring people to worship them, and they arise behind these images, statues and models, unseen to the physical eyes, thereby enjoying much adoration and worship from the ignorant, the misled, the deceived.

Some do not even believe that evil spirits exist, which makes ha-satán all the more glad because he can steal, kill and ruin many without the victims having any idea at all that he is actually the one instigating those crimes behind the scenes.

And what truly makes ha-satán the happier is when the victims blame the Creator for such mishaps. We are not ignorant of ha-satán's wicked devices, 'hodayáo' (thanks) to YÁOHU UL Who brought us into the Kingdom of the Light of this world, Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA, the one and only genuine Messiah!

Ha-satán, knowing that people will utterly hate and reject him when actually seen, always uses fronts, models, symbols, actors, artists, disguises and statues to represent him, so he can enjoy the loyalty, praise, worship and love of many, indirectly, and through deception.

This is his ultimate aim: to equal or be greater than YÁOHU UL, to sit upon the throne like YÁOHU UL, and to steal people's worship from the true Creator to himself.

In this pursuit, ha-satán uses all sorts of trickeries, deceptions and impersonations, just so he can, even if indirectly, steal people's praise, adulation and worship from the true Deserving One, YÁOHU UL, the Holy One of Yaoshorúl (Israel).

'How you have fallen from heaven, O morning star, son of the dawn! You have been hurled down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations! You said in your heart, 'I will ascend to heaven; I will raise my throne above the heavenly lights of YÁOHU UL; I will sit upon the throne on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.'

But you are brought down to the grave, to the depths of the pit. Those who see you gaze at you, they ponder your fate; 'Is this the man who shook the earth and made kingdoms tremble, the man who made the world a desert, who overthrew its cities and would not let his captives go free?'' - Yaoshúa-YÁOHU 14:12-17.

In ha-satán's earnest pursuit of people's adoration, praise and worship, one of his tactics is to use wicked occult symbols and objects.

One most common example is the pentagram or the commonly-called 'star.'

When you have posters or clothes or decorative objects with these 'stars' and you are endeared to them, and do care for them and praise them and give much worth to them, then you are actually giving ha-satán those expressions of love and worship, indirectly though it may be, it is still worshiping ha-satán.

One thing really peculiar with ha-satán is that he is the worst rewarder of those who worship him. When one unknowingly worships ha-satán, what does he give in return? Benefits, happiness and blessings? No, he rewards his obedient child with sicknesses, diseases, terrible death, financial losses, tragedies, catastrophes, bankruptcies, and all the curses specified in Deuteronomy 28:15-68.

Ha-satán knows that the inscribed Words of YÁOHU UL are always effectual. He knows YÁOHU UL is ever true to all His promises inscribed in the Holy Scriptures. That's whether it is a positive or negative promise.

When YÁOHU UL says that He will surely punish those who worship idols, then ha-satán, in his desire to ruin and kill humanity, does his best to lure people to violate YÁOHU UL's express commands, in order that he (ha-satán) can have the legal basis to penalize and ruin them.

In other words, through deception and lusts, ha-satán tries his best to get many out of the protective care of YÁOHU UL, so he can easily ruin them and bring them along with him to the lake of fire, prepared by YÁOHU UL for him and his wicked spirits.

This wicked, malevolent activity of ha-satán among humanity he tries hard to hide because once discovered, he can no longer deceive. His best leverage is to hide and to lie. So he hides behind images and objects of pentagrams, hexagrams, skulls, hearts, rainbows, dragons, snakes, actors, models and so on. And even his real name 'satír' (the wild goat) very few have even heard of.

Why does he hide his real given name? So people will praise and adore the 'star' without knowing that it is 'satir' (ha-satán) who is the real hidden subject of their wild expressions of approval, acclaim and clamor!

No wonder multitudes praise and are crazy for rock 'stars,' movie 'stars,' basketball 'star,' football 'star,' baseball 'star,' and other kinds of stars! They don't know that all these are ha-satán's tools in order to encourage many to worship, praise and ascribe glory to his name, unawares. Neat tactic really.

Indeed, many are ruined for lack of knowledge.

Cursed is everyone who does not obey the inscribed words of YÁOHU UL.

Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY came to redeem humanity from the curses of the law, and give life in place of death, life enriched and blessed!

To expose the enemies and secure your defenses against them, herein are the names of different wicked spirits, for your guidance. Then you can properly identify the right targets to confront in different cases.

These wicked spirits most often hide behind the cloaks of religion, and most often in disguise and hiding among brand names of grocery items, electronic products, food products, soft drinks, cigarettes, liquors, company and product logos, national emblems, national monuments, pharmaceuticals and other things of this world highly cherished by those of this world.

They also hide behind different spellings, like 'jesus' for 'gee-ZEUS' - deceitful, antiquated religious tricks.

Remember, 'satir' or ha-satán is the 'God' of this world, as is inscribed in 2 Corinthians 4:4 in the Holy Scriptures.

But again, 'greater is the 'RÚKHA hol-HODSHÚA' within the believer than all the wicked spirits in this world,' and 'we are greater than conquerors' in Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA and we always win, through the 'DAM' and Words of Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY!

'Be not partakers in the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather, expose them!' - Ephesians 5:11

So to expose and expunge their wickedness, here they are, bare and undisguised in regard to their true occult names, wicked personalities and ruinous activities:

Bareeakim, Tsonim-seynim, Tzifonim, Typhoon/Tsipon, Japan, Saipan, Tzokolitim, Chocolate, Tzaoferim, Tan/Tanim/Ton/Ten/Tin/Tune (Serpent, Dragon) Deus/Theos/Zeus, Sarafim, Pan, Dan/Den/Din/Don/Dun, Terafim, Sheydim, Nan/Nen/Nin/Non/Nun, Lakashim, Redemet, Livyatanim, Nakashim, Shemamityot, Efeim/FM, Tzifawim, Tsefifonim, Ob/Obot (familiar spirits), Neym/Neymim, Diabolos, Baal Gad, Ashtarotim, Eyz/Izim/Azim, Baal-Zebub, Sair/Satir/Satur, Sanor, Sador, Yideoni/Danny/Johnny, Khartumim, Satan/Star/Super, Ye-eylim, Elyen, Negefim, Bel/Beleye-al, Itim, Lahatim, Tziim, Abaddon, Kuda/Koda/Kadkod (Skull), Atudim, Gott/Gad/God, Tayishim, Elimas, Rea/Maria/Meree, Asheraot, Lilit, Appolyon, Makalatim, Mot/Mat/Pat/Bat (death), Arbeyim, Geyvim, Govaim, Keshefim, Akko/Ekko, Kagavim, Mageyfa, Macao, Kosheqim, Derenim, Ekeshim, Behemotim, Yearim, Shidafon, Afelim, Kashamot, Ashmodeus, Akivutao, Kristen/Christian/Kri-satán, Petenim, Gazamim, No-eyfim, Hawotim, Ditzaot, Geyvehim, Aranim, Eyza/Eyzim/Aiza, Kometim, Tzion, Kasilim, Kinim, Shilshulim, Govim, Gazamim, Okel, Lokeyshim, Saparuim/Super, Shefifonim, Yeleqim, Shablul, Seye-im, Aqravim, Qipusim, Rimaot, Oferin, President, Salam/Saleym/Shalom/Salamat, Kodana/Madonna, Shufim, Shafafim, Shoreyrim, Tekorim, Aqalaton, Tolaot, Susim, Akshuvim, Aluqaot, Akbarim, Ayalaot, Ze-eyvim, Korush/Cross/Krus, Malkam/Molech, Manim, Oneym/Neym (familiar spirit; ghost), Sasa/Susim, Nike, Zuhol, Afalim, Karada, Kiyun/Dyun/Joann, Tekorim, Gov-govaim, Tzelatzal, Refaim (ghosts), Latin (Enchantments), Kasilim, Arbeim, Ecu (goat), Yevelin/Evelyn, Kargolim, Qadqod, Eco/Ekko/Echo, Odin, Merit/Berit, Sports (super death), Marriot, Ivkaw, Ha-taot, Eysheytim, Sedomiyutim, Dyehoba Elohim, Eyd/Aids/Eth, Haklashaot, Shad/Satellite, Henana, Hafeyka, Shaon, Atin, Satin, Natin, Latin, Hakadaot, Raozee/Rozee, ha-Feraot, Negefim, Ererim, ha-satán, Marisut, Shevet, Balaot, Hesh-keytim, Atzaltayim, Kolim/Koran, Deverim, har-Ashaot, Makalot, Anim/Keynim, Kosmet/Kosmetic, Rukha-ha-Meyt, Qameyaot, Saarim, Ivaron, Pidim/Dagon (d-ako-n), Aurora (curse), Titan/Titon/Saturn, Jesus/Hesus/Kristos, Gad/Dan/Dedan, Koc-ako-la, Bashket-bo-ul (with destruction, come ul), Buddha (death), Taavot, Foot-bo-ul (with death, come ul), Baseball (with the goat, come ul), Kris-tammuz/Kristmas, Allah (Arabian moon idol), Mohamat (death), Vishnu, Krishna, Shiva, Sun Myung Moon, Diana, Susana/Sutana, Sasson, Sassoon, Sultan/Shilton, Taiwan/Kaiwan, Qeshemim, Magic, Money, Manee, Ob/Obot (familiar spirits; ghosts; poltergeists which dwell in dry, empty containers, figurines, dolls, bottles, jars and jugs), Aladdin/Allahtin, Sheyddim, El Shaddai, Shem/Shemiramis, Adonay/Adonis, El/Elohim, Eloha/Elah, Eloah/Allahu, Baal Eetee, Baal/Beyl, Rah/Reah/Roa/Rap, May/Sam/Min, Rock, Concert, Seyko, Apollos, Venus, Mercury, Kristian (kri-satán), Krayzt, Pagoda, Poseidon, Master, Ghia, Sweetheart (satír), Titanic, Pasator/Deakono, Apostol, Caesar, Cosa Nostra, Tuberculosis, Kan-sair/Cancer, Kidney Stones, UL-sair/Ulcer, Shigaon (insanity), Shituq (paralysis), Torim or Afolim (hemmorhoids), Kershut (deafness), Ilemut (dumbness), Reyna Elena, Santo Nino, Santacruzan, Toning, Pyramid, Beheymawot, Kereqim, Sheretzim, Remezim, Tolaot, Rimaot, Sellilim, Mashmidim, Makalelim, Pale-satinian (satán who is wonderful).

AIDS, heart disease, rheumatism, malaria, cholera, measles, diabetes, polio, athritis, jaundice, bronchitis, meningitis, yellow fever, asthma, chicken pox, small pox, gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes, insomnia, hemorrhage, Parkinson's disease, HIV virus, arterio-sclerosis, broncho-pneumonia and other names of bacteria, viruses, sicknesses, diseases and infections.

Since the word 'name' or 'neym' refers to a familiar spirit, ghost or poltergeist, the exorcist must use the Hebrew exorcism formula to avoid the activation of familiar spirits, which only leads to bogus healings/deliverances, to one's deception, when done otherwise.

Our aim is genuine, authentic and true supernatural healing, deliverance and/or revival 'ol Shúam' YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY.

In Appendix B, you will find the most effective exorcism formula which you can use in driving out evil spirits. It is in archaic Hebrew (not modern) and therein are included many possible evil spirits that you may encounter, including death himself, ghosts and extra-terrestials.

Before using it, you must first practice reading it, for most of the words therein are really new to you, in order to familiarize yourself in authoritatively and fluently declaring the whole of it when in actual confrontation with wicked spirits.

Once familiar with the identities of these wicked spirits, you can easily discern them when they masquerade in the outside world as angels of light, hidden behind product brand names, worldly popular songs and music, packaging, labels, softdrinks, clothes-labels, and so on.

Then you'll discern why some items, singers, actors, music, songs, movies, tv programs, products and labels are highly popular and liked by the crowd of worldly people and why some are despised by the wicked.

Remember, whatever name a person or a thing has, the corresponding fine or wicked spirits are activating through that person or thing, depending on what spirits the sounds of his or a thing's name are associated with, in the unseen spiritual realm.

If a person's name is 'mat' for example, then what activates in this person's daily life is the spirit of 'death' because the word 'mat' means 'death' in the unseen spiritual realm, among wicked spirits. Homonymous words with 'mat' are the words 'pat' and 'bat' and these homonyms also conjure the same deadly spirits, disguised as angels of light.

Likewise for the word 'akko' which means goat. Homonyms of which are 'ecu,' 'echo' and 'eco' all referring to the wicked spirits of the wild goat, ha-satán (satír), the dragon, the old serpent.

Trust fully, rely upon the teaching work of the 'RÚKHA hol-HODSHÚA' to train you in developing keen discernment in identifying the marks and symbols of ha-satán that are hidden behind many objects, items, products and names which are most coveted in the world.


Can 'AIDS' be cured through the Shúam of Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA?


'There is nothing impossible to those who have faith,' Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA said. If you will only follow all the advisories herein, there is no doubt that AIDS can be easily be cured by the Great Healer - Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA. That's the reason why He's referred to as 'Great' because He is the only One Who can treat all, repeat all, kinds of sicknesses and diseases, and He can even raise the dead. Even today! He is still alive, still doing the works of YÁOHU UL Ro-éhful, the Healer. But the AIDS patient must first receive the new birth, and truly repent from sexual promiscuity, adulteries and fornications.

Yes, be healed but sin no more....

Homosexuality is not a lifestyle, but is the manifest behavior of the activities of lewd, lusty, prurient, deranged wicked spirits in the person of their victim, within whom they dwell and operate, because they were welcomed and these wicked spirits were able in the past to deceive the host to believing that indeed he must allow them to stay since it is only another 'lifestyle.'

Had the host been enlightened enough and refused to accept the lie, then these wicked spirits of homosexuality could not have remained and dominated in his or her life.

Homosexuality is an abominable SIN.

Among wicked spirits, the evil spirits of homosexuality occupy the lowest, debased rank in the hierarchy of ha-satán's kingdom.

Best evidence of this is noticeable when you observe that homosexuals and lesbians, even among the most wicked people in penitentiaries or mental institutions, are treated as scum of the place, which means, even the wicked spirits themselves treat the evil spirits of homosexuality as the lowest among the worst even in ha-satán's kingdom.

Please remember, we are talking about evil spirits here, and not human beings, so no offense meant against any human.

Yes, they may change their aliases into more palatable terms such as 'gays' or 'tomboys' but the truth is, according to YÁOHU UL's words, these wicked spirits are still an abomination in His sight, surely accursed.

They're not deceiving anyone except themselves, those evil spirits of homosexuality.

YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY died for those victims of homosexual deceptions, too. And deliverance is freely available to all of them, in YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY, the Great Deliverer from homosexuality. If only they will repent and sin no more.

For a more detailed guideline on this subject of deliverance for homosexuals, please contact us and request for your free copy of our publication: 'Homosexuality & Deliverance.'

Surely, Ro-éhful YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY, the Great Healer, can cure AIDS, in all its stages. We know it by believing.

If you can believe, you will be healed.

The Shúam (Name) YAOHÚSHUA is the Shúam over and above the name 'AIDS' - which means, He has the power over it.

Nothing is difficult for Him.


Why is it that I know of many people who have occult objects and symbols in their belongings and dwelling places and they seem to be doing fine?


Apparently so. But what will the final outcome be in the long run? Tragedy and loss. Anyone disobeying YÁOHU UL in this regard will be severely punished, after a while or later, when the fullness of their sins is reached.

A surprising deadly onslaught of cancer, AIDS or heart attack is enough to cause tragedies, losses and miseries to the stubborn and those who mock YÁOHU UL's Words.

YÁOHU UL always watches over His words to perform them.

No one who serves and glorifies ha-satán will finally be blessed.

They will always definitely suffer painful losses, not only physically and financially, but also suffer the loss of their souls in perdition and endless suffering in the lake of fire, prepared for ha-satán and his evil spirits, unless they repent.

Always look at the final outcome of their lives, not the deceptive present observable fleeting stage in their lives. Look at their end in life. What was their end? How did they die? How was their marriage and family wrecked by ha-satán?

Remember, always look at the endings, the final reckonings of YÁOHU UL, in their lives here and in the afterlife. Then you will finally see that indeed, the Words of YÁOHU UL truly are effectual, powerful and really do come to pass!

Don't be duped into believing deceptions from ha-satán, the father of lies and who deceives the whole world.

Cling to Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA, the Truth Who really sets people free from all bondages, deceptions and lies.


Why do some not receive supernatural healing or deliverance?


These are the possible reasons for some not receiving genuine supernatural healing, deliverance or revival of the dead:


The healing was not done in the Shúam (Name) of Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA but in the name of some other popular idol, like 'gee-ZEUS' for example;


There was no faith in Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA on the part of the patient;


There are still occult objects hindering the mighty flow of YÁOHU UL's healing power;


Doubt and unbelief on the part of the believer seeking healing for the patient, or on the part of the patient himself;


Lack of fasts with prayers on the part of the believer seeking the manifest healings and miracles from YÁOHU UL;


Idle words and other statements of doubt, unbelief and fear which are spoken either by the exorcist or others.

'When they arrived at the bottom of the hill, a huge crowd was waiting for them. A man came and knelt before Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA and said, 'Maór (Sir), have mercy on my son, for he is mentally deranged, and in great trouble, for he often falls into the fire or into the water, so I brought him to Your disciples, but they couldn't cure him!'

Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA replied, 'Oh, you stubborn, faithless people! How long shall I bear with you? Bring him here to Me.'

Then Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA rebuked the evil spirit in the boy and it left him, and from that time on the boy was well.

Afterwards, the disciples asked Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA privately, 'Why couldn't we cast that evil spirit out?'

'Because of your little faith,' Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA told them. 'For if you had faith even as small as a 'kardál' seed you could say to this mountain, 'Move!' and it would go far away. Nothing would be impossible. But this kind of evil spirit won't leave unless you have prayed and gone without food.'' - Man-YÁOHU 17:14-21


Opposing reactions of some close relatives or negative attitudes of some of those who are around the patient; or someone may have spoken negative, idle words which aggravate the condition of the patient;


A need to see before believing; lack of faith; and/or


The sickness is the terminal punishment of YÁOHU UL on the wicked.

'When Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA had finished giving these object lessons, He returned to His hometown, Nazareth in Galilee, and taught there in the synagogue, and surprised everyone with His wisdom and His miracles.

'How is this possible?' the people exclaimed. 'He's just a carpenter's Son, and we know Maoro-ém His mother and His brothers - YÁOHU-caf, YÁOHU-saf, Simon, and YAOHÚ-dah. And His female siblings - they all live here. How can He be so great?' And they became angry with Him!

Then Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA told them, 'A prophet is accepted everywhere except in his own country, and among his own people!'

And so He did only a few miracles there, because of their unbelief.'

- Man-YÁOHU 13:53-58

All idle words, negative statements and faithless remarks must be renounced, rebuked and nullified to be all of none effect whatever, and this should be done, as always, 'ol Shúam' YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY.

The upright children of YÁOHU UL do not have to get sick in order to die. Most of them die in serene inner happiness and love in Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA, in their ripe old age.


How about those so-called supernatural healings and miracles that are seen much on TV, are they authentic?


No, they are bogus healings and miracles. If they are not done in the Shúam of Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA, then they are not from YÁOHU UL. Whatever spirits there are who do not confess the one and only Shúam (Name) YAOHÚSHUA, they are not from YÁOHU UL, but from the anti-Messiah - 1 YÁOHU-khánam 4:1-3.

Their faith (fake) healings are bogus. How? Yes, the unwary may be temporarily cured from present ailments, but later on, more serious terminal sicknesses finish them off.

They are actual examples of what have been mentioned earlier: when the evil spirits leave, they take seven more wicked spirits with them and reoccupy the former host, thus the condition of the patient, after a time, will be worse compared to the previous. Think on and learn from this:

'As for the work of this man of rebellion and hell will do when he comes, it is already going on, but he himself will not come until the one who is holding him back steps out of the way.

Then this wicked one will appear, whom Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA will burn up with the breath of His mouth and ruin by His presence when He returns.

This man of sin will come as ha-satán's agent, full of satanic power, and will trick everyone with unusual exhibitions, and will do renown miracles.

He will completely deceive those who are on their way to hell because they have said 'No' to the Truth; they have refused to believe it and love it, and let it save them, so YÁOHU UL will allow them to believe lies with all their hearts, and all of them will be justly judged for believing falsehood, refusing the Truth, and indulging in their sins.'

- 2 Thessalonians 2:7-12, Holy Scriptures

These are cases wherein YÁOHU UL tests people's hearts, to see whether they are truly seeking Him or if they are merely selfishly eager to benefit from so-called healings and miracles.

YÁOHU UL Kaokám, the only wise Creator, is famous for the way He separates the wicked from the pure in heart!

Note: Look and find out the meanings of the names of the more notorious evil spirits working in and through these television faith (fake) healers and you will surely identify them as being children of ha-satán, with names like 'ben nin' (son of the dragon) or 'os satin' (power of satán) and so on.

For more detailed explanations on these, please read the guideline 'YAOHÚSHUA Exposes' and you will truly be shocked, but enlightened.

Again, we are talking here about the evil spirits activating in and through these faith (fake) healers and no offense is meant against any human being. Clear enough.

Again, deliverance is freely available to all those who have been deceived and victimized by these evil spirits, if only these victims of deception will repent and submit to YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY as their one and only individual Life Governor and Savior.

Forgiveness and cleansing is freely available to all those who will repent and acknowledge YÁOHU UL as the Creator and the only All-Powerful Eternal.


What did Molkhiúl YAOHÚSHUA say to those opposing His healing work?


'He who is not with Me is against Me; and he that gathers not with Me is scattering.' - Luke 11:23.

'Wherefore I say unto you: All manner of sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven unto men; but the blasphemy against the 'RÚKHA hol-HODSHÚA' shall not be forgiven unto men.

And whoever speaks a word against the Son of Man shall be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against the 'RÚKHA hol-HODSHÚA' shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come.' - Man-YÁOHU 12:31-32

All this is given to you, in true love and deep humility, 'Ol Shúam' YAOHÚSHUA hol-MEHUSHKHÁY, and we all say, am-nám!

Let's proceed to receive more scriptural wisdom and knowledge in the NEXT segment of these spiritually-awakening guidelines now....