Must be recited daily with all faith and authority!





'Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y bore our sins in His body on the tree, so we, who have died to sin, are now living for rectitude; by the wounds of Ro-Úhful YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y, we were healed!' - 1 Peter 2:24

'We are children of Y┴OHU Abuh˙l and have overcome them, because the 'R┌KHA-YAOH┌SHUA' inside olyanu is greater than all those who are in the world.' - 1 Y┴OHU-khanam (John) 4:4

'The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have Y┴OHU Uzulyao's power to demolish fortresses. We demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of Y┴OHU UL Kaokhßm, and we take captive every thought to make it obedient to Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y.' - 2 Corinthians 10:4-5.

'Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y has given olyanu authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; 'ein ish gah ein rukha hara' will harm olyanu, YaohushuahÝm; the counsels of sheol shall not win nor succeed against olyanu!' - Luke 10:19.

'We believe and have been immersed so we are being and will surely be saved; but whoever does not believe will be condemned. And these signs are always with olyanu, YaohushuahÝm, who believe in the 'Sh˙am' YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y: we always drive out evil spirits; we speak in new languages; we can pick up snakes with our hands; and if by chance we come to drink deadly poison, it will not affect olyanu at all; we lay our hands on sick people, and they get healed!' - Mark 16:16-18.

'Therefore Y┴OHU Abuh˙l raised up Molkhi˙l YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y to the highest place and gave Him the 'Sh˙am' that is above every name, that 'beh hol Sh˙am' YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y, every knee must bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA is the Ruler to be followed by all, to the glory of Y┴OHU UL Gavoha, the Most High!' - Philippians 2:9-11.

'For our warfare is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.' - Ephesians 6:12.

'Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y told the truth when He told olyanu that whatever we bind on earth is bound in heaven, and whatever we loose on earth is set loose in heaven. Again, He told olyanu that if two of olyanu on earth agree about anything we ask for, it will be granted olyanu by Y┴OHU Abuh˙l in shua-olmayao (heaven).' - ManYAOHU (Matthew) 18:18-19.

'We submit ourselves to Y┴OHU Abuh˙l. We resist ha-satan, and he always runs from olyanu! For this purpose the Messiah, YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y, was revealed, to expunge the works of ha-satan!'

'Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y was pierced for our transgressions, He was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought our peace was upon Him, and by His wounds we are healed!' - YaoshuaYAOHU (Isaiah) 53:5.

'We have been told the truth when Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA said that any Yaohushuahee who has faith in Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA will do whatever He did. We will do even greater works than what He did, because Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA is now with Y┴OHU Abuh˙l!' - Y┴OHU-khanam (John) 14:12.

'We overcame ha-satan by the 'DAHM' shua-ol Ga˙l YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y and by the words of our testimony; we do not love our lives so much as to shrink from death.' - Revelation 12:11.

'You angels of Y┴OHU UL Tzavulyao (the Commander of Heaven's Armies), have been sent to serve olyanu, heirs of salvation! Angels of Y┴OHU UL Tzavulyao always encamp around olyanu and the 'DAHM' shua-ol Ga˙l YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y always protects olyanu, because we are the rectitude of Y┴OHU UL Tzaodoq, by faith in Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y!'

'Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y said that we who always request from Y┴OHU UL Khanyao-am will always receive out of His will; we who always seek, continually find; and we who continually knock, unto olyanu the doors are opened!'

'Our Y┴OHU UL Shua-odai always provides for all our needs by His riches in glory in Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y!'

'Anu, im yaoshor, hodim gah mehaolulim Y┴OHU UL Gabor, UL Yaoshuayao for You always cause olyanu to triumph in Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y and that it is really true that we are greater than conquerors!'

'All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y! Even 'death' and 'sheol' are our servants and they have no more power over all olyanu, believers in Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y in His Oholyao, His body, which is always being led by the 'R┌KHA-YAOH┌SHUA' Who represents the Head, Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y!'

'We are co-heirs with Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA MEHUSHKH┴Y and Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA has given olyanu all the world to use for His glory, now and always! Whatever door Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA opens, nobody can shut! Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA holds the key to death and sheol! Death has no more power over olyanu!'

'No weapon formed against olyanu shall continue nor succeed whatsoever!'

'All olyanu, followers of Ga˙l, MÝhushuayao, Ro-eh, Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y, have been redeemed from all the curses of the law; so we continue to receive all the promised blessings made by Y┴OHU UL Khanyao-am to Abruham, since we belong to the Seed of Abruham, Ga˙l, Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y, in His Oholyao!'

'Anu, im yaoshor, hodÝm gah mehaolulim Y┴OHU AbÝhul Amnao-am for You are the UL of 'yes' and 'am-nßm' to all Your promises and You always watch over Your Words to perform them; and Your words will not return unto You empty, without performing whatever they were used for by all of olyanu YaohushuahÝm!'

'We always give to Y┴OHU Abuh˙l His tithes and our offerings and Y┴OHU Abuh˙l Sh˙amor always rebukes the devourer from our body, finances, work, house, family and properties! We always receive because we always give to those who ask!'

'The chastisement of our peace was brought upon Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y so we may continually have utmost peace of mind and heart, when we walk in Y┴OHU Abuh˙l's perfect will, for we were not given the spirit of fear, but of power, love and sound mind! We bless Y┴OHU UL Mehulol at all times, and He delivers olyanu always from all fears!'

'We always call the things that are not as though they were!'

'We always delight ourselves in Y┴OHU Abuh˙l, that's why He always gives olyanu the desires of our hearts!'

'Whoever blesses olyanu will surely be blessed by Y┴OHU Abuh˙l Qan-ßo, while whoever curses olyanu will surely be cursed by Him!'

'If Y┴OHU Abuh˙l did not deprive olyanu of His one and only Son, how much more does He always give everything that we need in this life, through the 'R┌KHA-YAOH┌SHUA' Whom He has given olyanu to indwell, guide, teach, empower and remind olyanu of the words of Ga˙l, MÝhushuayao, Ro-eh, Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y, our Ruler and Redeemer!'

'If wicked fathers on earth do not give a rock when their children ask for bread, nor a snake when they ask for fish, nor a scorpion when they ask for eggs, all the more Y┴OHU Abuh˙l, the Holy One, truly always gives olyanu, His children, everything we need in this life, through the 'R┌KHA-YAOH┌SHUA' indwelling olyanu!'

'Ga˙l YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y came to give olyanu life and life more enriched, and He is our wisdom, our rectitude, our redemption and our sanctification!'

'Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y, though rich, became poor, so we, YaohushuahÝm, through His poverty, are now becoming rich in everything right and proper to enjoy here on earth!'

'For this purpose Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA, the Messiah of Y┴OHU AbÝhul was revealed, to ruin the works of ha-satan!' - 1 Y┴OHU-khanam (John) 3:8

'Because Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y has released olyanu free, we have been delivered and are now free from all the curses of the law, free from all sins, free from all deceptions and seductions of ha-satan and all kinds of wicked spirits, and free from all poverty; and if Ga˙l YAOH┌SHUA has released all of olyanu free, we are now free indeed! And we always know the truth that makes olyanu free at all times! Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA is the way, truth and the life!'

'We have the mind of Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y and the 'R┌KHA-YAOH┌SHUA' indwelling olyanu always leads olyanu into all truth!'

'There is no other name under heaven given to men for salvation except the 'Sh˙am' YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y!' - Acts 4:12

'Y┴OHU UL is the only 'Sh˙am' of the true Creator and by this 'Sh˙am' do we call and remember Him from generation to generation!' - Exodus 3:15

'Because we love Y┴OHU Abuh˙l, He always rescues olyanu. Because we always call upon and acknowledge 'hol Sh˙am' Y┴OHU UL, we are always under Y┴OHU UL Sh˙amor's protective care, wherever we may be; we always call on Him and Y┴OHU UL Yaosaful always answers olyanu; Y┴OHU Abuh˙l is always with olyanu, in times of trouble; He always honors olyanu; Y┴OHU Abuh˙l Yaoshuayao always delivers olyanu; and with long life Y┴OHU UL Khayay satisfies olyanu, and Y┴OHU Abuh˙l Ro-eh always shows olyanu His salvation!' - TehillÝm (Psalms) 91:14-16

'Y┴OHU UL Gabor wants olyanu to call on Him in times of trouble, so He can rescue olyanu and we can give Him all the glory!'

'We always love Y┴OHU Abuh˙l with all of our hearts, all of our souls, all of our minds, and all of our vigor; and we always love our neighbors much like we love ourselves. These are the two greatest commands of Y┴OHU Abuh˙l, and Y┴OHU Abuh˙l always gives olyanu the desires and enablements to do His perfect will in our lives! Always we do treat others the same way we want them to treat olyanu!'

'Promotions, advancements, riches, wealth and successes in life depends on Y┴OHU Abuh˙l, Who gives olyanu the power to get rich, for His glory and praise!'

'Y┴OHU Abuh˙l is continuing and will finish the wonderful work He has begun in olyanu, in changing olyanu from glory to glory, till we be conformed to the image and character of Ga˙l, MÝhushuayao, Ro-eh, Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y!'

'Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y is always with olyanu, at all times and in all places, and He will never leave olyanu nor forsake olyanu. We will not be afraid because Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA had ransomed olyanu. We are called by His 'Sh˙am', and we belong to Y┴OHU Abuh˙l. When we go through deep waters and great trouble, Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA will always be with olyanu. When we go through rivers of difficulty, we shall not drown. When we walk through the fire of oppression, we will not be burned up - the flames will never consume olyanu, because Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA is our MÝhushuayao, Savior, Redeemer and Rescuer!'

'We are very valuable to Y┴OHU Abuh˙l, and honored and we are loved by Y┴OHU Ohaviul, the living UL of eternal love!' 'We can do all Y┴OHU Abuh˙l's will through the 'R┌KHA-YAOH┌SHUA' Who empowers, enables and energizes olyanu always, for Y┴OHU Abuh˙l's glory!'

'Anyone opposing olyanu will die!'

'We do not take revenge. On the contrary, we entrust every troublesome predicament into the hands of Y┴OHU UL Qan-ßh, our Possessive Avenger; we do not let ourselves be overcome by evil but we overcome evil with kindness. We never criticize nor condemn.

We love our enemies. We are kind to those who hate olyanu. We always pray for the happiness of those who curse olyanu and we implore Y┴OHU Abuh˙l's blessings on those who hurt olyanu, always.

If someone slaps olyanu on one cheek, we offer the other. We give what we have to anyone who asks from olyanu; and when things are taken away from olyanu, we don't worry about getting them back!

That's why our rewards are bountiful and overflowing! We are truly the children of Y┴OHU UL Gavoha, the Most High!'

Anu hodÝm gah mehaolulim Y┴OHU ABÝ hol-MÝyaogan shua-olnu, our Shield and Defense!

'We do not allow our hearts to be afraid nor troubled; we are always of excellent cheer, because the happiness of Y┴OHU UL Tzaholyao is our power and energy. We always ask and receive from Y┴OHU Abuh˙l Naodab, so our happiness is always full!'

'We always praise Y┴OHU Abuh˙l because He delights in and dwells in the praises of His children; Y┴OHU Abuh˙l's eyes are looking throughout all the earth to show Himself powerful in behalf of those whose hearts are perfect toward Him!'

And all of our promised, declared and given blessings, authorities, powers, enablements, gifts and favors from Y┴OHU Abuh˙l we all now receive and appropriate for our benefit, enjoyment and use, for His glory and praise!

All of Y┴OHU Abuh˙l's gifts to olyanu are now always effectual, worked out, effective and revealed in our bodies, our work, our homes, finances, our family and all our endeavors, because Y┴OHU Abuh˙l Yaoro-eh always watches over His Words to perform them!

'Yes, and Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y is always making olyanu powerful and will always deliver olyanu from all kinds of evil and will bring olyanu safely into His heavenly Kingdom. To Y┴OHU Abuh˙l be the glory now, forever and ever. Am-nßm!' - 2 Y┴OHU-tam (Timothy) 4:18.

Yes, MÝhushuayao, Ga˙l YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y is our Savior from all of Y┴OHU UL's wrath, punishments, curses and penalties against all our sins because all our sins were borne by our Sin-Bearer and Lamb of Y┴OHU UL Who takes away the sin of the world: MÝhushuayao, Ëdmorul YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y on His body on the tree. The just for the unjust - that we may be pure and holy in Y┴OHU UL's sight always.

We are always free, enriched, delivered, healed, brave, delightful, happy, safe gam whole in Molkhi˙l YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y! We always win!

'Ol Sh˙am' Ga˙l, Molkhi˙l, Ro-ehf˙l, Maoro-Úh, MÝhushuayao, Ro-Úh, Ëdmorul, Bo-Ul: YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y, am-nßm!

'Faith grows by continual hearing the Words of Y┴OHU UL'

Given to you in true love and deep humility, 'be hol-Sh˙am' (in the Name of) YAOH┌SHUA hol-MEHUSHKH┴Y - ahm-nßm!

Please always keep in your mind:

"'Y┴OHU' - this is My Name forever by which I am to be called, remembered from generation to generation." - Exodus 3:15, Holy Scriptures

Salvation is found in no one else for there is no other name under heaven given to humanity by which we must be saved except the unique Name:

YAOH┌SHUA. - Acts 4:12, Holy Scriptures

At that time, I (Y┴OHU UL) will change the speech of My repentant people into pure Hebrew, that they may call on the Sh˙am (Name) of Y┴OHU UL and worship Him together in harmony and unity.' - Zafna-Y┴OHU (Zephaniah) 3:9, Holy Scriptures

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